Senior Choir

Where and When

Day – Thursday
Time – 3-4pm
Venue – Drama (Room 102)

The Senior Choir is open to all year 10 -14 pupils as well as those in year 8 and 9 who attend Junior choir and would like to join another group. It is not essential to be able to read music or have sung in a choir before but the ability to have some fun at choir rehearsal is vital. We would highly recommend choir to those who study or are considering studying GCSE or A Level Music. We sing a large variety of music from religious, pop, musical and traditional taking us from Africa to America. Please come and join us!


Due to COVID 19 restrictions we haven’t been able to rehearse and take part in our normal events.  Below is a link to our short Virtual Christmas Concert.

Please find below some information on pervious years events.

Ballyclare Festival 2020

In March last year the music department was a hive of activity as we were preparing for our local music festival. We entered both the Senior choir and Junior choir as well as many vocal soloists. This is a big event during the year when the Junior and Senior choir go head to head against each other in a competition! For the second year in a row the Senior Choir stole the show. Listen to their winning performances below.

Christmas Concert 2019

The Senior Choir play integral part in our Christmas Concert.  This is a wonderful opportunity to perform to family and friends and show case their achievements at such a special time of year.


Hannah Caldwell
Olivia Glass
Sarah Campbell
Eloise McCormick
Lauren Ferguson
Abigail Bradley
Evie Beth Baxter
Scarlett McArthur
Emily Burke
Chloe Gilmore
Sarah Ferguson
Garrett Millar
Rebekah Barnes
Jessica Price
Jack Metcalfe
Evie Dullaghan
Judith Moran
Zara Jones
Angel-Lee Bradley
Adam Hamilton
Sarah Halligan
Chloe Berry
Zara-Jayne Strange
Aimee Campbell
Rebekah Berry
Daniel Hamilton
Abigail Halligan
Lauren Mitchell
Jack Brierley
Emily Campbell
John Watson
Zara Davis