Art and Design Year 14

Confirmation has come in from CCEA in relation to your course.  All work must stop immediately, so whatever you have been working on can no longer be completed.  You must keep all work you have whether it is finished or not safe.  ALL pupils must check the email Miss Moody has sent dated Tuesday 24 March 2020.  You must send Miss Moody an email with the authenticity statement included, copy and paste this statement with your full name typed after it. 

I encourage you all to continue to draw and paint at home to enhance your skills, however this work is only for you to continue improving your skills and will not be included with your current year’s work for assessment.

Please continue to check this website and your emails for any updates that may arise in relation to your course. 

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Moody

Miss Moody –
Ms O’Connor –

Week 7