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Welcome to BBC School Report at Ballyclare Secondary School. This is an exciting initiative that our school is taking part in for the first time this year. We have congregated our eager young journalist and reporters and are beginning the process of gathering our stories and completing research in order to be able to make the news on the prearranged day of March 19th 2015.

For more information please speak to Mrs McKay, Mr Nicholl or Miss Stevenson.

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BBC Producer Visits our News Team

The Ballyclare Secondary School News Team was privileged to hear from BBC producer Carole O’Kane on Wednesday 25th February 2015. The team were given an insight into the workings of a news team and received information about the different jobs and what they require. Excitement is certainly building.

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On Friday the 6th March our news team garnered excellent experience from a professional news team who visited us from the BBC. Carole O’Kane returned, this time with camera Alan Gordon and Gabriel McParland the soundman to help us make a report about anorexia. This will be aired via the red button on News Day on the 19th March.

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School Report Team Visit BBC Studios

On Friday 11th March, 5 lucky pupils were invited to the BBC studios in Belfast to watch the editing of the rushes that had been taken on the news day with the camera crew the previous week. The technology and process was explained and Connor McKee and Daniel Nicholl, two Year 13 pupils, gained valuable experience that will be put to great use in their MIA and Media AS level films. Kyle Gardiner and Jack Sloan were thrilled to see their pieces to camera and Ethan was proud of his directorial debut.

Following a delicious lunch (despite what the staff say about the BBC canteen) the pupils watched the news being broadcast live, privileged to be allowed into the Control Room. They then got to go onto the Newsline set and meet Kerry Thompson, the presenter of the programme. It was all very exciting and we were made to feel very welcome.

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