BTEC Level 2 Sport Year 12

Remote Learning Information for Year 12 BTEC Sport Students

Class A – Mrs Watson

Unit 5 – Mrs Watson (

  • Mrs Watson will communicate with all pupils via school email
  • All documents are on ‘Shared Resources’ – ‘Mrs C Watson’ – ‘Unit 5 Level 2’. You can access these using the ‘MY SCHOOL’ portal. ENSURE YOU HAVE ANY DOCUMENTS YOU HAVE WORKED ON SAVED ON A MEMORY PEN!
  • You should have completed and emailed the following items by:

Friday 20th March: 

  • Learning Aim A PowerPoint – thanks to those pupils who have emailed this already
  • Learning Aim A Distinction task –  for those pupils attempting distinction levels.

Friday 27th March: 

  • Learning Aim B Leaflet – use teacher HELP PowerPoint and internet to help provide detail in leaflet.
  • Any queries you have please do not hesitate to email me and will reply ASAP.

Class B – Mr S Crothers and Miss Oliver

Unit 2 – Mr Crothers (

  • Mr Crothers will communicate with pupils via Google Drive/Classroom
  • Pupils should ensure they check these platforms regularly and ensure all work is completed and submitted on Google Drive/Classroom
  • All deadlines available on Google Drive/Classroom

Unit 5 – Miss Oliver (

  • Miss Oliver will communicate with pupils via Google Classroom and school email
  • Each of you have received a word document outlining how to access the school system from home (emails and google drive). You need to check both of these platforms every day.


Here you will find the

  • Assignment layout (publisher or word)
  • Theory PowerPoint that we have covered in class

Furthermore, I expect that all ‘March’ tasks/ D1 tasks to be completed. This is also saved in the ‘working from home’ tab in google drive.

Deadline Year 12

P5 Leaflet DRAFT 1: Monday 30th March 2020

March Task/ D1 Compare and Contrast: Monday 23rd March 2020

Parent / Guardian Information Letter