Club Francofun

Where and WhenFranco Fun

Day – Mondays from Oct to Dec
Time – 3-4pm
Venue – in the Modern Languages Department


The club is designed to enjoy French and learn more about France and French culture and language outside the classroom.  It is open to all year groups and pupils have an input to the content so there is no set agenda.  Last year activities included games, quizzes, learning about French fashion and designers, cooking French food and learning about French food and eating habits, learning how to play French ‘boules’, making model Eiffel Towers, reading French books and comics and watching French films.

Some of Last Years Events

Pupils learned fun facts about the Eiffel Tower and then had to make their own mini Eiffel Towers with spaghetti and marshmallows. 


Pupil Write up about Franco Fun Club

I attend French club as I wanted to broaden my knowledge on the French history. I started this as well because I used it for my Duke of Edinburgh skill as I do French GCSE so I thought it would help me and it did.

Throughout my time at club Francofun it was excellent as I learnt about the history of France and the significance each part of France has.  For example the way Paris has the Eiffel tower.

I also learnt about the famous French fashion designers, I found this topic very interesting as I love fashion.  Another week we played French boules which was very interesting as it was my first time playing this sport and I got taught the different rules.

I also got taught the different science equipment and how to say them in French which was very amusing because in class we do not taught about that.

The second last week of French club we did a quiz on the history of France and then we made the Eiffel tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows which was very fun.

The last week we attended Francofun was very sad as it was the end to a fun year, so what we did was getting French snacks and also we watched a movie about the French fashion designer Coco Channel.

By Ellie Mckeown