English Literature Year 13

Work is being set via Google Classroom and the website. Please check your school email account for your invitation and access code. If you need any assistance, please email your teacher.

Year 13 AS English Home Learning.

Continue working on revising your material thoroughly. Complete all mind maps and/ or knowledge organisers. Consider which poems link and make lists of reasons why.

Begin your preparation for year 14- coursework unit which is worth 20% of the final grade. Get a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and read it. For A2, you have to choose another text to compare and contrast with it. As you read you need to be thinking about themes. Themes will help you decide on your second novel to link with. At the end of each chapter, you need to make the following notes:
• A brief synopsis of each chapter
• A list of key events
• Key themes addressed and evidence
• Important quotations
• The novel tells a story but it also tells the history of Afghanistan. Every time you come across a piece of historical context like this, you must also note it.

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