Flute Ensemble

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Day- Wednesday
Time – 3.30-4.00
Venue – Music Department


The flute ensemble is open to all pupils who play a flute of any size or type. We are very lucky to have a wide range of instruments within the group including a piccolo, concert flutes, alto flutes and bass flutes. The ensemble plays at many different events with school and takes part in various festivals and competitions throughout the school year.

At the moment we have 10 members but new members are welcome to come along to any practice.

Chloe Hanna Holly McComb
Deborah Close Olivia Smyth
Aimee Gilmour Ruth Crawford
Daniel Kerr Jonathan Maris
Sophie Coliey Lesley-Anna Tosh

Meet some members

Aimee Gilmour- When I started Ballyclare Secondary School had already been playing the flute for a number of years.   In year 8 I completed my grade 4 and I am now currently working towards my grade 7 .   I got involved in the schools’ flute ensemble from year 8 and I have enjoyed learning different pieces and the social side of performing in festivals such as Mossgrove and Ballyclare.   The flute ensemble has helped me to develop the skills of playing  well with others and will help me with my performance for my GCSE in music. My most memorable experience with flute group has to be dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and performing pieces from the musical.

Deborah Close- When I started Ballyclare Secondary School I played the violin. I auditioned for the flute at the end of year 8, the flute then turned to my main instrument and I am now working towards grade 7.   I really enjoy all of the activities we take part in with flute group it’s a great opportunity to meet other flautist such as James and Jeanie Galway. The most memorable thing this year that the flute group has been involved in has been the Wizard of Oz.   I loved getting dressed up with face paints, hay and also getting into the character of the scarecrow.

Lesley-Anna Tosh – When I first came to Ballyclare Secondary School I was a violinist; however in Year 8 I started to play the clarinet, and then switched to the saxophone in Year 11. The fingering of the saxophone is similar to that of the flute so I soon got roped into playing the bass flute for flute group. Through flute group I have had the chance to play in festivals such as Mossgrove and Ballyclare festival and also in the NIBA Armagh competition. Shortly after joining flute group I joined Castlegore Flute Band which gave me the opportunity to play in a larger flute ensemble.

Wizard of Oz

Six senior members of the flute group performed music from the Wizard of Oz at the opening of the school production. Each member dressed up as a character from the show and had to act the part of their character whilst play ‘If I Only’ and ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’.

‘If I Only’

‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’

Some photographs from the event.

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Flute Ensemble performing at the Business Dinner

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Big Flute Challenge

On Saturday 13th September, several members of our school Flute Group went to the Kings Hall, Belfast to attempt to break the World Record for the biggest Flute Orchestra. When we arrived we had a warm up session before we rehearsed “Towards the Blue Horizon” which was a piece that had been composed for us to perform. It was over twenty minutes long and was made up of traditional Irish, English and Scottish music. We all had a really good day and we are now waiting to hear if we have made a new World Record!2006 2015 2016 2017


Northern Ireland Flute Band Association

Throughout October the flute ensemblePhoto was busy preparing the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for the Northern Ireland Bands association competition which takes place every year in Armagh.   All flute players were drafted in to take part, and even some saxophone players had to quickly adapt to playing the alto and bass flutes (and thank you for all your patience and perseverance with that).   Other members of the orchestra were also conscripted to create an essential percussion section.   After a month of rehearsals the day finally arrived.   Although it was an early start for a Saturday morning and a long bus drive to Armagh everyone was excited and eager to perform.   After a quick practice the moment of truth arrived and under the direction of Mr Beattie they played a stunning performance. The adjudicator stated that they were ‘a band with much to commend’, and in this context comments like this are hard to get.   So well done to everyone who took part in this event. We are all very proud and are thinking already about what we could play for next year.