Food Preparation Year 11

If you have questions, please contact your class teacher via email.

Ms Clarke –
Mrs McCrea –
Mrs Edwards –

You are on Week 12

Week 1

Complete the final evaluation based on the whole course. Make sure you are writing an explanation after the point you state.

There are some points under each of the subheadings to help you.

Click here for link to document

Please email completed evaluation to your Food Preparation teacher.

Week 2

Please send your final evaluations to your Food Preparation teacher. Email addresses can be found at the top of the page.

This week click here for instructions

Click here for fact file to fill in.

Again send all completed work to Food Preparation teacher.

Week 3

Try a few recipes of your choice using the Junior School recipe book or the GCSE recipe book and send your photos through to your Food Prep teacher.

Only select recipes that you can easily access ingredients for.

Show us some expertise in garnishing and presenting them for your family.

Click here for Junior school recipe book

Click here for GCSE recipe book

Week 4

Look at presentation ideas for year 12 practicals.  These include:

  • Scones
  • Italian Grissini
  • Cupcakes
  • Viennese Fingers
  • Swiss Roll
  • Sweet/Savoury puff twists
  • Welsh Cheesecakes
  • Wheaten bread

Make a power point or page of ideas for each of the assessed practicals listed above.

Continue to cook lots using the recipe books in week 3 work. Why not make a meal for your family? Please send some photos to your food prep teachers if you have a go.

Week 5

Have a go this week making scones. Look online for presentation ideas.

Send some pictures to your teacher when you have finished.

Click here for recipe

Week 6

We hope your scones turned out well and you enjoyed trying them out. This week why not try making some Italian Grissini- click here for recipe

If you haven’t got yeast in the house, don’t worry you can watch this video on how it is made and think of how you could present these for an assessment.

Week 7

We hope you got on well either watching/making Italian Grissini?

This week we would like you to have a go at making cupcakes. If you want to research or use your own recipe, feel free to do so. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Be as creative as you wish!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes | Easy Valentines Day Recipe

Click here for cupcake recipe

Week 8

We hope you enjoyed making cupcakes and decorating them this week! This week we want you to focus on trying out Viennese fingers

Have a look at how to make Viennese fingers using this video (ingredients may be slightly different)

Click here for recipe

Week 9

Thank you for your lovely photos of Viennese Fingers.

This week the skill level is getting higher. We would like you to make a swiss roll- click here for recipe.

The key is time and working fast after it comes out of the oven to avoid cracking.

Watch the video below to help you roll your Swiss roll.

Week 10

It was great to see some lovely photos of swiss roll that you have created in the past week.

This week, why not try to make savoury puff twists. Have a look online for some ideas for presentation that you could use.

Click here for recipe#

Week 11

You all did a great job of the puff twists. This week we are moving on to something slightly more advanced and difficult-Welsh cheesecakes. This recipe takes good time keeping skills and concentration. Have a go and we look forward to seeing some of your creations! Click here for the recipe.

Week 12

Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who sent photos in. Today is the last day of Food Prep in Year 11! You have all worked hard this year and we are all proud of the work you have produced. We hope you have enjoyed practicing some of these recipes you will hopefully make in year 12!

This week you will make a wheaten loaf.

Here is a video link to help you with the wheaten loaf:

Have a great summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in Year 12!