Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Sport Year 14

Unit 3 – Professional Development in the Sports Industry – Mr McGuigan (smcguigan133@c2kni.net)

  • Mr McGuigan will communicate with pupils via school email
  • Please see Mr McGuigan’s work from home document attached below
  • All pupils have already received a hard copy of this document 

Work from home document – Mr McGuigan

Unit 5 – Application of Fitness Testing – Mr Cowden (acowden838@c2kni.net)

  • Mr Cowden will communicate with pupils via school email
  • Pupils are currently working on their Learning Aim C – Fitness Profile and written feedback report. This should be submitted by Friday 27th March 2020

Unit 10 – Sports Event Organisation – Mrs Watson (cknipe278@c2kni.net)

  • Mrs Watson will communicate with all pupils via school email
  • All documents are on ‘Shared Resources’ – ‘Mrs C Watson’ – ‘Unit 5 Level 2’. You can access these using the ‘MY SCHOOL’ portal. ENSURE YOU HAVE ANY DOCUMENTS YOU HAVE WORKED ON SAVED ON A MEMORY PEN!
  • You should have completed and emailed the following items by:

Friday 27th March: 

  • Learning Aim D – written report (You have the help sheet which has the bullet points on how to structure and ideas of what to include, this is only guidance you should provide plenty of detail, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses i.e. EVALUATE)
  • Any queries you have please do not hesitate to email me and I will reply ASAP.

Unit 23 – Skill Acquisition – Mr Blain (ablain539@c2kni.net)

  • Mr Blain will communicate with pupils via school email