Miss Dunwoody’s Class 9W

Good morning 9W! I hope you are all safe and well. Below is the work I’d like you to complete for this week.

You should have a library book so please take some down time to enjoy reading, even if it is for 20 minutes a day.

Your main task this week is to complete your Dogs Trust test at home. Please take some time this week to revise all your notes and review all the activities you completed in relation to your non-fiction/media unit. Use the Dogs Trust website to add to your plan which should be close to, if not already completed. You are allowed your plan in front of you when completing your test. Allow yourself 1 hour to complete in a quiet room. I’ve included a title that I know some of you may like to have at the top of your page. If you’d like to type your test that is absolutely fine. I will email again on Friday to arrange how you send this as an attachment so I can hopefully print these at some stage to mark. Don’t worry if you can’t type your response, as long as you complete the test.

Dogs Trust Test Instructions
Write a persuasive and informative article for Dogs Trust. You should focus on informing people about the work of this charity and persuade them to support the work they do. Think about the following:
Writing your paragraphs using the 5 Ws
Use all aspects of DAFOREST
Use interesting vocabulary
Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar

Take care,

Miss Dunwoody