8L Residential – Woodhall

We are 8L and we went to Woodhall near the end of November.  We had such a great time and got to know everyone in our class better and how to work as a team.  

In Woodhall we played team building games and learnt how to work together here are some of the games we played…

Crystal maze is a series of team building games in a group of 8 doing different challenges.   Each challenge you do you get rated out of 5 crystals for team work and communication.

Human jenga is when 3 people are holding 3 others on a harness it is  the first three to raise up the other players onto crates.  The higher the crates go the harder it is to stay up and finally all the crates fall and you’re left in the air dangling until they pull you down. Human jenga was my favourite

These are just some of the fun games and challenges that we did at Woodhall. The best part of Woodhall is getting to know your class and how to work together.