A Midsummer Night’s Dream Grand Opera House Trip

On Thursday the 2nd of June, 39 lucky Year 10 and Year 11 pupils got the privilege of visiting the Grand Opera House in Belfast to watch a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. The production was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company who toured Britain celebrating 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, accompanied by The Belvoir Players and St. Malachy’s College. This was a fantastic opportunity for local talent to become recognised and appreciated in front of such a large group of spectators.

The play was performed in a true Shakespearean manner but was easy to understand and follow. The second half of the show was particularly more humorous as the audience laughed along and understood the jokes woven into the performance. The character that really stood out to us was Puck, portrayed by Lucy Ellinson. Her character was upbeat, funny; she interacted with the audience and gave the performance a twist with her dance moves and comedy. The storyline was a fabulous example of a love story but also included action and comedy. The Belvoir Players’ performance was outstanding as they included typical slang and jokes that we could understand and laugh about; they helped make the play more relatable and close to home. The performance also included young students from St. Malachy’s College which was a fantastic opportunity for aspiring young performers who wish to someday star in a production like this as the lead character. It was evident that a lot of hard work and preparation was put in place as the play was professional and very captivating. There was never a dull moment as the lively songs and emotional storyline built interest and caught our attention with the hidden twist to a well-known Shakespearean play.

As a Year 11 literature class, we found this performance very rewarding as it gave us an insight to our future studies and how language has changed over the years. We had just completed our literature exam so being able to attend the performance after the hard work was a well-deserved treat. The Year 10 pupils who attended have considered literature as a GCSE subject so the performance gave them an idea as to what they will be studying and learning about. Overall, every pupil alike thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were extremely thankful for the tickets.


With thanks to Mrs Oliver who won the tickets for us to see the production, we are very thankful for being able to watch a fantastic show without the expense. We are also thankful to the Grand Opera House who provided us with this amazing experience.

Leah Smyth and Erin Lutton 11M