Accelerated Reader Success

On Tuesday 24th June a special assembly was held for Years 8 & 9 to celebrate their achievement in Accelerated Reader.

All of the pupils had embarked on the programme during their library periods and had access to a wide range of reading material. To begin with, pupils had to take a Star Reading test which was able to determine their exact reading age. Next, by carefully selecting books, reading them thoroughly for enjoyment and pleasure and then taking a test on the book, pupils were able to improve their reading skills.

The evidence was there in May when they repeated their Star Reading tests and so many pupils had made significant progress. Three pupils, in particular, who really enjoyed the Accelerated Reader programme were:

Erin Lunnon 8H – read 2, 165, 395 words

Samuel Logan 9M – read 1, 612, 333 words

John Watson 9N – read 3, 027, 338 words

They joined an exclusive Millionaires’ Club for reading well over a million words each.

Accelerated Reader  Accelerated Reading Accelerated Reading2