Aimee Gilmour Performs in ‘Into the Woods’

Aimee Gilmour was very lucky to get the opportunity to play the flute in the orchestral pit for the musical, “Into the Woods.” It was produced by Belfast Voice & Dance Academy, Directed by Matthew Forsythe and the Music Director, Niall O’Flaherty. She stated that ‘It was a great and thoroughly enjoyable experience which has enhanced my playing and I hope to continue playing in musicals in the future. Playing the flute and piccolo part was challenging but I loved every minute of it. The shows were on Friday 11th march (7 pm) and Saturday 12th March (2pm/7 pm). The dress rehearsal was on the Thursday and it was stressful for all the musicians and people involved as this was the first time playing along with the cast but once everything was settled, it was brilliant!’.

In to the woods