Annual Sports Day Success

On Friday 5th June 2015, our annual Sports Day took place at Antrim Forum.Unsure of how favourable the weather would be, we left a rainy Ballyclare and arrived at a windy, but dry Antrim Forum. Thankfully throughout the day the weather improved further with the sun coming out in the afternoon and all events able to take place.

There were many closely fought races, with every competitor showing up on the day to put in their best performance. This year seven school records were broke. Well done to all involved. Another enjoyable and successful sports day.

DSC_0008 (Large)  DSC_0019 (Large) DSC_0021 (Large) DSC_0023 (Large) DSC_0029 (Large) DSC_0030 (Large) DSC_0032 (Large) DSC_0033 (Large) DSC_0041 (Large) DSC_0043 (Large) DSC_0045 (Large) DSC_0051 (Large) DSC_0055 (Large) DSC_0059 (Large) DSC_0060 (Large) DSC_0061 (Large) DSC_0063 (Large) DSC_0072 (Large) DSC_0076 (Large) DSC_0079 (Large) DSC_0083 (Large) DSC_0086 (Large) DSC_0100 (Large) DSC_0101 (Large) DSC_0105 (Large) DSC_0107 (Large) DSC_0110 (Large) DSC_0113 (Large) DSC_0120 (Large) DSC_0141 (Large) DSC_0142 (Large) DSC_0155 (Large) DSC_0157 (Large) DSC_0180 (Large) DSC_0182 (Large) DSC_0183 (Large) DSC_0201 (Large) DSC_0204 (Large) DSC_0207 (Large) DSC_0211 (Large) DSC_0212 (Large) DSC_0214 (Large) DSC_0218 (Large) DSC_0220 (Large) DSC_0221 (Large) DSC_0224 (Large) DSC_0225 (Large) DSC_0243 (Large) DSC_0245 (Large) DSC_0252 (Large) DSC_0256 (Large) DSC_0280 (Large) DSC_0294 (Large) DSC_0309 (Large) DSC_0313 (Large) DSC_0314 (Large) DSC_0350 (Large)          P1040287 (Large) P1040421 (Large) P1040417 (Large) P1040402 (Large)



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