Art Exhibition

The GCSE & A Level exhibition was held on Wednesday 10th June 2015 and as always was greatly attended by many. 

It was a lovely evening to celebrate the wonderful work of our young people and it is a great night for them to have their talents be appreciated, admired and celebrated!  Pupils worked very hard to produce all of the work and wonderful displays that were on show.  The GCSE pupils had a great range of work including painting, drawing, sculpture and textiles.

The A Level work as usual is extremely diverse in nature and all pupils expressed their own thoughts through various mediums.  I was extremely pleased with my A2 Level girls and the outstanding work they achieved.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish a fond farewell to my girls Susannah Hall, Hannah Shields, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Nicole Billings and Robyn McCoy.  I wish them all the very best for their future studies.

DSC_0007 (Large) DSC_0008 (Large) DSC_0009 (Large) DSC_0010 (Large) DSC_0011 (Large) DSC_0012 (Large) DSC_0013 (Large) DSC_0016 (Large) DSC_0017 (Large) DSC_0018 (Large) DSC_0019 (Large) DSC_0025 (Large) DSC_0005 (Large) DSC_0004 (Large) DSC_0002 (Large) DSC_0006 (Large) DSC_0007 (Large) DSC_0026 (Large) DSC_0028 (Large) DSC_0029 (Large) DSC_0030 (Large) DSC_0031 (Large) DSC_0032 (Large) DSC_0033 (Large) DSC_0052 (Large) DSC_0053 (Large) DSC_0054 (Large) DSC_0056 (Large) DSC_0060 (Large) DSC_0062 (Large) DSC_0064 (Large) DSC_0065 (Large) DSC_0067 (Large) DSC_0068 (Large) DSC_0070 (Large) DSC_0073 (Large) DSC_0075 (Large) DSC_0076 (Large) DSC_0077 (Large) DSC_0080 (Large) DSC_0082 (Large) DSC_0083 (Large) DSC_0084 (Large) DSC_0088 (Large) DSC_0089 (Large) DSC_0091 (Large) DSC_0094 (Large) DSC_0095 (Large) DSC_0097 (Large) DSC_0098 (Large) DSC_0099 (Large) DSC_0102 (Large) DSC_0106 (Large) DSC_0107 (Large) DSC_0112 (Large) DSC_0114 (Large) DSC_0117 (Large) DSC_0119 (Large) DSC_0122 (Large) DSC_0123 (Large) DSC_0125 (Large) DSC_0127 (Large) DSC_0129 (Large) DSC_0132 (Large) DSC_0137 (Large) DSC_0138 (Large) DSC_0140 (Large) DSC_0142 (Large) DSC_0134 (Large)                DSC_0116 (Large) DSC_0038 (Large) DSC_0115 (Large) DSC_0003 (Large)