Ballyclare Festival Success

In March this year the music department was hive of activity as we were preparing for our local music festival. We had a vast number of pupils entered in many different classes including solos, ensembles, orchestra and choir.  We had a very successful week of competing and brought home 8 trophies.  The adjudicator was very impressed with the variety music performed and number of pupils who entered.  He wrote many encouraging comments about out performances but also areas for improvement.  We would like to say congratulations to all the pupils who took part in the festival.  Regardless of where you were placed everyone performed well and we are all very proud of your achievements.  We would also like to thank the organising committee of the festival for their hard work throughout the week and the cups of tea that kept us teachers going.  Below is a list of the results.


1st Place                Lucy Esdale                        Brass Solo 16-18 Years

1st Place               Brass Ensemble

3rd Place               John Watson                      Woodwind Solo 12-15 Years

1st Place                Molly McAdam                  Woodwind Solo 16-18 Years

3rd Place               Lauren Mitchell                Woodwind Solo 16-18 Years

1st Place                Clarinet Ensemble

Joint 2nd Place    Flute Ensemble

Joint 2nd Place    Wind Band

1st Place                Lauren Fittis                     Vocal Solo 16-18 Years

2nd Place              Molly McAdam                 Vocal Solo 16-18 Years

1st Place               Chloe Gilmore                   Vocal Duet

3rd Place              Lauren Ferguson              String Solo 12-15 Years

1st Place               Orchestra

1st Place                Choir