Ballyclare Secondary School Open Night 2017

On Tuesday 3rd January 2017 Mrs K Bell, Principal, and the teaching staff of Ballyclare Secondary School welcomed Primary 7 pupils and their parents to Open Night.

In the presentation to parents Mrs Bell stated that the top priority of Ballyclare Secondary School was to provide a caring and stimulating environment in which every pupil can strive to reach his/her potential. All teachers are subject specialists and use a wide range of teaching strategies to provide the best possible opportunities for their pupils. The wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities on offer where highlighted and how these enable every pupil to develop intellectually, spiritually and physically so that when they leave school they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which they require in order to manage their lifelong career and personal development.

Information was also provided on the ethos and aims of the school which was established in 1961, and remains a very popular non-selective controlled secondary school for 11 to 19 year olds. The school ethos is that: “Every child, regardless of intellectual ability or socialbackground, should have a rewardingeducational experience.” The school’s aim is to develop “Personal Excellence”, something every child can achieve. The belief in the equal worth of all children is put into practice in the school with every pupil being valued as a unique individual. Mrs Bell went on to explain that all staff fully appreciate that children vary in their talents, interests and enthusiasms and that in Ballyclare Secondary School they are valued for who they are and what they might become.

Ballyclare Secondary School places high value on academic achievement and on providing a wide range of curricular activities so that all pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Ballyclare Secondary School is a place where pupils enjoy learning and feel encouraged to do their best in all that they undertake. Pastoral Care is at the heart of the school. Staff are totally committed to creating a caring environment in which pupils feel safe, secure and are encouraged to build positive relationships with staff and fellow pupils based on mutual respect, tolerance and consideration.

Ballyclare Secondary School has high expectations for its pupils’ intellectual, emotional, social, moral and creative development. The school’s experience over the past 56 years has been that children learn best when they are given confidence in their own ability, play an active part in their own learning and work co-operatively rather than in competition with each other. Ballyclare Secondary School strives to ensure that the high quality education it provides enables pupils to develop their skills and talents and equip them with the relevant qualifications to progress to further education or their chosen career.

Parents and young people were then invited to tour the school facilities.


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