Blood Brothers at The Grand Opera House Belfast

On Thursday 25th January 2018, fifty-one GCSE English Literature students and 4 staff members visited The Grand Opera House to watch Blood Brothers. This is one of our set texts which was brought to life on stage for us in an amazing performance. I liked how two scenes could be going on at once making it exciting and intriguing. My favourite being when Mickey and Linda were married and the factory manager telling Miss Jones to “take a letter,” before she too, like Mickey was made redundant. (Anna Murphy)

It certainly was a memorable trip! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. There was lots of humour and I was laughing so much; it was incredible! The gun shots and special effects scared everyone, including me! I would definitely recommend it; I’d even love to see it again if I had the chance. It was an amazing experience and it has definitely helped me with my GCSE course. (Natasha McKernon)

Within the first couple of minutes my heart was racing with excitement as the lights slowly dimmed and the noise of the audience receded. The first moment the narrator came on stage I had butterflies in my stomach. (He’s a creepy character!) However, my favourite character was Mickey as I liked how he grows up in the play. His character is very humorous. (Amy Gaw)

I enjoyed the humour especially when Mickey and Edward first met. I liked how it was adults acting as children, changing their voices and their behaviour. I also was amazed that the whole play was performed by only fourteen actors. (Emma Mawhinney)

I thought the play itself was so good when we were reading it in class but when I went to see it in The Opera House, it was ten times better because I could actually picture what the characters looked like, it brought it to life for me. (Emily McCarroll)

Watching the play was extremely useful for the English Literature students. (Hannah Campbell)

The music and the songs were very catchy. Overall, a great experience and I would definitely go again. (Anya Coyle)