Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Preparation

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh pupils put their skills to the test with a day hike around Glenariff on Friday 20th March 2015.

Pupils practised their skills in navigation and even got to enjoy their lunch at the top of Glenariff’s largest waterfall. Keep your eyes peeled for some great photographs from their upcoming Mournes expedition (part one).

DSC_0017 (Large)  DSC_0002 (Large) DSC_0005 (Large) DSC_0007 (Large) DSC_0015 (Large) DSC_0017 (Large) DSC_0018 (Large) DSC_0021 (Large) DSC_0025 (Large) DSC_0026 (Large) DSC_0038 (Large) DSC_0043 (Large) DSC_0044 (Large) DSC_0045 (Large) DSC_0046 (Large) DSC_0050 (Large) DSC_0051 (Large) DSC_0054 (Large) DSC_0055 (Large) DSC_0062 (Large) DSC_0084 (Large)