Celebrating Fantastic AS and A-Level Results

On the morning of Thursday 15th August 2019 Ballyclare Secondary School staff and pupils were celebrating a very successful results day and we are delighted to report the fantastic results that our young people have achieved at GCE AS, A2 and equivalent Level 3 courses. There were many outstanding individual performances and it was a joy to see so many young people achieve such positive results and fulfil their potential. The School Assembly Hall was filled with happy young people and very delighted parents.

The outgoing Year 14 was a very dedicated and hardworking year group and this was clearly evident throughout their 7 years in school. They deserve their high levels of attainment and as a staff we are absolutely delighted for them. This year we are delighted to report a 100% pass rate for all Year 14 pupil who sat examinations at GCE A2 and BTEC Level 3 this is a remarkable achievement and a tremendous success story for all! The results obtained at grades A* to C show an improvement on previous years. In addition to this a significant number of our pupils achieved at least one top grade and many of the year group have achieved all of their grades at Grade C and above.  Our achievements this year are on a par with many schools in the selective sector and clear evidence that with hard work and the support of dedicated teachers our young people can achieve at the very highest levels.

Our pupils have excelled in a wide range of courses including academic and vocational courses and we believe that providing a curriculum that is broad and varied ensures that pupils engage in courses they are actually interested in and this improves levels of attainment.  We are delighted to report that the following subjects all achieved a success rate of 100% A* to C grades. This is fantastic for the young people and the staff who deliver these courses, which included GCE Art and Design, GCE Media and Film Studies, BTEC Level 3 in Child Care, Learning and Development and BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism. Further to this it is worthy of note that all of the pupils who studied BTEC Level 3 in Child Care, Learning and Development all achieved the top grade of Distinction which is an outstanding achievement! GCE Health and Social Care continues to be a very successful course for our young people with 95% achieving A* to C grades and GCE Religious Studies with 93% A* to C grades.

As a school we value all of the grades achieved by all our pupils, whether that is an A* or an E grade, it is our ethos that all pupils should have a rewarding educational experience and we aim for “personal excellence” – this is something every pupil can achieve. All our young people have to work incredibly hard to achieve their grades, attaining 3 GCE A Levels is a tremendous achievement and we are delighted for all our year 14 pupils.

Many pupils have already secured their places at university and further education colleges. Others have been successful in gaining higher-level apprenticeships and others have already entered their chosen area of employment. We wish them all continuing success as they continue on their education journey or take up their place in the world of work.

Year 13 pupils have achieved an impressive set of results in their GCE AS Courses. These results are very encouraging and build a solid platform for pupils to build on next year. It is always a pleasure to see pupils rewarded for their hard work. Many of our pupils achieved all 3 grades at Grade C and above a truly fantastic achievement. We introduced two new courses this year,  GCE Psychology and GCE Government and Politics are we are particularly pleased these courses have been very successful at AS Level and look forward to building on this next year.

As a school we aim to challenge and inspire all our pupils regardless of ability and it is very pleasing to note that our pupils have been able to achieve above and beyond their expectations in the wide range of courses available to them. This year’s results were excellent and very encouraging and represent further improvement on previous years.

Pupils and staff have all worked extremely hard and deserve the great results they have achieved. We also acknowledge the support of parents and the very important part they continue to play in the success of Ballyclare Secondary School.

K Bell