Claude’s Crêpes- European Day of Languages

DSC_0094James Henderson & Edward Hamilton Year 9To mark the European Day of Languages at Ballyclare Secondary the Modern Languages department invited a French crêpe-maker to school.  Claude was dressed in stereotypical French attire and his favourite French music was playing from his stall.  Pupils had to order their crêpes in French and they had been practising hard with ‘Je voudrais une crêpe s’il vous plaît’.  They all enjoyed crepes with a wide variety of flavours on offer, ranging from Claude’s own home-made nut-free chocolate spread to lemon and sugar. This event kicks off a week of events running throughout the school in celebration of European Languages. Tuesday involves a special European lunch menu in the canteen, while throughout the week pupils can find class signs in French. Also on Tuesday there will be a novice French-Belgian chef at cookery club to help the pupils perfect ‘la cuisine de Belgique’.