Dragon’s Den: Formula 24 Kit Car Team

In association with Greenpower, Ballyclare Secondary has been selected to participate in the Formula 24 challenge in which members of our team will construct an electricity powered vehicle.

Three members of the team will then take turns to race the car at the end of the year against other kit cars designed and compiled by other schools and youth organisations.

The team’s first challenge will be to secure the best materials for the car which we hope will be acquired through a deal with potential sponsors. Our team will offer sponsorship promotion in exchange for tool/part upgrades from various companies who will be in the school on Friday. The format of this meeting will be in the style of Dragon’s Den in which pupils present their mission statement and pitch their ideas for the race. We hope the Dragons will be impressed by what they have to say and will want to get involved in the project. Wish the team luck in their efforts!