Fundraising for The Clown Doctors

Many Year 12 pupils decided to busk at break and lunch to raise money for The Clown Doctors.  Read a report from one of the performers on how they got on.Christmas is the time for giving, in the spirit of this, the year 12’s decided to busk for 2 days at break time and during junior and senior lunch. We used a variety of talents ranging from the tuneful sound of carols playing from the clarinets, trumpets and euphonia, some of our trendy dance routines such as line dancing and our not so pleasant voices singing a variety of Christmas and popular songs. We were able to get the rest of the school bopping or singing along and due to their kind generosity, we raised a whooping total of £ £566.88

The reason we choose The Clown Doctors as our charity is due to the excellent work that they do, that is greatly underappreciated. The clown doctors go into many different hospitals to bring smiles to as many children as possible. They do this to make the pain that these children are experiencing more bearable. Not only is this a great charity but it is also one that Ballyclare Secondary School greatly appreciates, as the clown doctors have helped some of our staff and their children when they were going through painful hospital visits. The clown doctors gave these children the very much need medicine that is laughter and for that we as a school we are thankful.

We really enjoyed entertaining you all and we hope you enjoyed watching us just as much. Without your donations we would not have been able to raise all this money and so for your generous contributions we are thankful.

By Zara 12N