GCSE Art Display

Our GCSE students have been working hard all year on their individual art pieces. I hope you enjoy seeing what they have created. Some young artists in the making!

DSC_0031 (Large) DSC_0034 (Large) DSC_0035 (Large) DSC_0038 (Large)DSC_0047 (Large) DSC_0048 (Large) DSC_0049 (Large) DSC_0050 (Large) DSC_0054 (Large) DSC_0056 (Large) DSC_0057 (Large) DSC_0058 (Large) DSC_0059 (Large) DSC_0060 (Large) DSC_0064 (Large) DSC_0065 (Large)DSC_0067 (Large) DSC_0068 (Large) DSC_0073 (Large) DSC_0074 (Large)                        DSC_0075 (Large)  DSC_0077 (Large) DSC_0084 (Large) DSC_0081 (Large) DSC_0080 (Large) DSC_0076 (Large)DSC_0078 (Large) DSC_0066 (Large) DSC_0063 (Large) DSC_0061 (Large) DSC_0055 (Large) DSC_0052 (Large) DSC_0051 (Large) DSC_0045 (Large) DSC_0046 (Large) DSC_0041 (Large) DSC_0042 (Large) DSC_0033 (Large)