Graphic Design MPS Factory Visit

On Wednesday 11th January the Year 11 Occupational Studies, Graphic and Website Design class visited Multi Packaging Solutions(MPS) in Mallusk.  We had been learning in class how graphics and packaging are central to brand identity and have a major impact on consumers deciding whether to purchase one product over another.  As MPS specialise in packaging solutions for the branded and healthcare markets we wanted to see how MPS make use of Graphic Design software to create the packaging designs for their customers.

On arrival we went into the board room and got kitted out with our protective clothing, this included a high visibility vest and ear protectors this enabled us to be able to go out onto the factory floor.  During our visit we got to see the whole production process from the design stage right through to the products being prepared for shipping.  On the production line we got to see the well known packaging for Panadol being printed, glued and folded. It was a worthwhile trip and gave us an insight into a lot of different careers where knowledge of graphic design is very useful.

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