Green Power Kit Car Competition Success

On Saturday 23rd May 2015, Forget Fossil (Ballyclare Secondary’s Kit Car Team) competed against other schools from throughout the country at Nutt’s Corner Racing Track.

A successful MOT started the day off well and all the team gathered at our Pit Stop to get the car and drivers prepared for the event.

Forget Fossil 1

The car was registered and the team submitted their portfolio describing their design and choices to the judges. They made their way to the 1pm race with Crawford Ewing as the starting driver. The aim of the competition is not to race, rather to get the longest distance within 90 minutes and so the team had a careful strategy in place once they made a few practice laps of the track.

Although there were two races, it was decided that the car’s more reliable batteries should be used in the first race. The car required a few adjustments and the Forget Fossil team were on hand to fix any issues that arose during the race.

Forget fossil 3

The strategy of the team seemed to pay off well – Forget Fossil looked to be a force to be reckoned with – many other teams approached to comment on the progress of the car and to ask the team how they had created such a polished result. The team worked seamlessly together, adjusting their strategy according to issues arising and they finished the first race third place in their category – they just needed to hope this success would be unbeaten in the next race.

The team’s reserve batteries did not hold out for the second competition and so it was a nervous wait to confirm if we placed First – Third.

forget fossil 5

After a hard day’s work the presentations were made and the team were delighted to have won a range ofMedals the prizes on offer –

Best Portfolio

Best Newcomer and

Best Digital.


The team also came in Third Place in their category making all of their dedication to the project led by Mr Beckington worth the time and effort.

IMG_0414small (Large) IMG_0409small (Large) IMG_0408small (Large)

Congratulations to Forget Fossil on their success!

IMG_0423small (Large)

Check out the short video of our kit car in action: http//