Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a new activity ran by Miss Dundas on a Thursday afternoon in the P.E. department.  If you are interested in joining please read the report below from one of the members.

This term I was in a club called hot yoga. This club was an incredible experience started by Miss Dundas – from the French department. She trained in Berlin for 1 month one summer. We all met at 3.10pm every Thursday in the fitness suite – down in the girls’ P.E. department.

The girls involved in this extra-curricular activity included:

  • Judith Moran
  • Nicole Finlay
  • Leah Kitson
  • Chloe Campbell
  • Amy Gaw
  • Sarah Shanks



We all knew that this would be a fun and educational activity while being good for our bodies at the same time. The series included 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures all helping us improve our spine and sleep. These postures will help us with anxiety, sleep deprivation, back problems and open up emotions plus helps with blood flow.

Over the past number of weeks, we have done the postures, the breathing exercises, the sit-ups and the measurements.

In the weeks following half term we didn’t really meet often, due to parent interviews, but we did manage to come together for 2 final weeks. On the final week we measured our spines. We even talked Miss Dundas round into letting us measure her spine. We measure from the bottom of the neck to the coccyx. The spine positions we were in were: forward bend, backwards bend and standing position.

The lengths were as follows:

STANDING                           BACKWARDS BEND                            FORWARD BEND

Leah               48cm                                          34cm                                                      66cm

Sarah             51cm                                         47cm                                                       70cm

Judith             51cm                                           38cm                                                     60cm

Nicole             52cm                                          28cm                                                       61cm

Miss Dundas 51cm                                         38cm                                                      64cm

Apparently you’re supposed to have that happy medium which means you can shorten and lengthen your spine by the same amount forward and backwards. Miss Dundas was the only one of us that could even do it but she wasn’t warmed up so… Also her ordinary amount – when she is warmed up – is 16cm. This time only 13cm but still pretty impressive. The rest of us had (in order) a difference of; 14cm/12cm, 4cm/19cm, 13cm/9cm, 24cm/9cm.

We all have incredible bodies, each unique in its own special way. This is shown by flexibility, contortionism, singing, gymnastics, dancing, gymnastics and many other things. Once you discover something you like stick at it and never give up.

One thing I have got better at over this past term is my determination. If I have to recommend any one thing as an extra-curricular it would definitely be yoga. If you want to have a good time, learn some discipline, discover the lengths your body can go to or just learn the length of others’ spines then that would be the club for you. Sadly, this club has ended. Though imagine what if the teachers took part and measured their spines and then, compared them to us. Who do you think would be better? Teachers or Students?

Hot Yoga – by Nicole