Lauren Receives Millennium: 200 Hour Volunteer Award of Excellence

I became an Able cadet in October 2016, since then my leadership skills has involved a residential sailing course at Killyleagh Outdoor Education Centre.  My duties and responsibilities for that weekend was to ensure the cadets were awake on time and organised for the day’s activities, mentoring them, leading by example as to what is expected of them. This also involved being there to address any concerns or worries that they may have.

Also in February 2017 at the Share Discovery Village Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh, my duties and responsibilities involved ensuring the cadets knew what duty watch was overseeing which duties, also showing them how to make their beds, how to organise their kit for the day, what clothing was suitable for what activity, being a shoulder to cry on in the case of homesickness and other worries they have, as it was some of the junior cadets first time away from home. The total number of hours would be approximately 20 hours.

Teaching and instructing cadets for unit drill training was another part of my volunteering; 10 hours of training was overseen over a period of a few weeks. This also included teaching junior cadets how to row and teaching younger cadets basic kayaking skills, this was a total of 10 hours practical teaching.

I am a volunteer at War Years Remembered, unit 16 Dennison industrial estate Ballyclare BT39 9EB and I guide groups for historical talks and tours. This also involves cleaning and handling with the upmost care of historical artefacts.  At events I am part of the re-enactment of living history to give people a taste of what military and civilians had to go through in the past.  On Remembrance Day, poppy laying at the cenotaph and services was carried out.

I’m involved in fundraising and awareness of the museum, such as bag packs and a gun run and I’m due to take part in a documentary to raise awareness in March 2017, I have approximately spent 40 hours on this from November 2016.

Further, I volunteered as part of Ballyclare Secondary School debating team, in my own time, I was awarded Best Individual Speaker at the Junior Debating National Mace Ulster Final, leading my team to success and hopefully the winning team.  Key points of debating interest covered by the media were Brexit and Foreign Aid. Approx. 20 hours.

My musical volunteering would be at special occasions such as local business dinners attached to the school, plays, Ballyclare Music Festival and recently I joined the local Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band and as well as that I am a part of the Tri-Service Cadet Band, approximately 30 hours.

I enjoy volunteering as I can give back to the communities I live and study in to make a difference, I feel proud to be part of such worthwhile organisations.

Lauren Mitchell 11B


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