Lots of Love on Valentines’ Day

Over £150 was raised by Year 10 pupils for their designated mental health charities AWARE and PiPs through the sale of little boxes traded in the lead up to Valentines’ day.

Abbie Hamilton’s (10L) net design won the competition and it was sent to WPS to be printed, thanks to Al White and the company. The boxes included a tasty treat and a heart with a message, some used the pre-printed quotes from famous authors and others choosing to write their own. At the bargain price of 50p, many students and staff took advantage and grabbed the opportunity to tell a friend how special they are to them or let someone know how loved they are and many opted to pay the 20p fee for the service of keeping their name a secret and give their object of affection an anonymous gift. I know all of the secrets but my lips are sealed. Thank you so much to the following Year 10 pupils for all their help with the selling and making of the boxes. Luke Wilson, Abbie Hamilton, Aimee McCone, Caitlyn Stewart, Mackenzie Williams, Michael McConnell and Jack Shannon (10L), Karl Jenkins, Rosalind Currie and Abby Turbitt (10E). We would also like to thank Allie Quigley (12B) and Madsion McQuitty (12B) who made a fabulous production line and the Year 13 Media Studies class who gave up their free time to help out with dispatch and delivery (Chloe Ellison, Emma McWilliam, Megan Hawe and Mackenzie Platt.) Thanks must also go to Tracy for the invasion of her space at break and lunch times at the pupil desk in the foyer. We hope to repeat this activity on an annual basis so thank you for your continued support.

Mrs McKay, Miss Dunwoody and Year 10