Loughry College Visit

On Wednesday 10th June Mrs Duncan’s Year 11 Home Economics class and Mrs McCrea’s and Miss Clarke’s Food preparation class visited Loughry College for a special ‘Feed Your Mind’ event.   A wide variety of interactive workshops were arranged for the pupils to visit. Pupils got the chance to learn about the manufacturing processes involved in making bread, chocolate, sausages and ice cream. Sampling the end products was a highlight as was winning many prizes for volunteering to help with an activity. Chloe Wright 11P stepped up to the challenge of having to weigh exactly 270g of bread dough on the scales. It wasn’t as easy as she first thought!

A workshop on food labelling made us all seriously think about the amount of sugar in many food products and how labelling has to be clear and easily understood so we can make healthy food choices. Pupils were also given an insight into the work involved in designing packaging and how colour is effectively used to brand the product. Jordan Hanna 11R won the challenge of choosing the closest match of yellow to the shade used for Tayto crisps. Liz Simpson, Education Advisor at Loughry College chatted to us about careers. Her challenge was what can you do with GCSE Home Economics?

Pupils left with a range of many ideas from Food and Supply management to food photography. Also, a course at Loughry might be a possibility that hadn’t been considered before. We certainly were given ‘Food for thought’.

Bread ready for the oven (Large) Breadmaking (Large) Jordan Hanna (Large)

Bread ready for the oven                                   Breadmaking

Making chocolate (Large) Rhonda Currie testing food for acidity (Large) Sampling chocolate (Large)

Making Chocolate                                            Testing for Acidity                                          Sampling chocolate