Onatti Production

On Tuesday 18th October the Onatti Theatre Production came into school and performed their latest production of “Le Café” for our Year 9 and 10 pupils.  Read below some of the comments from two of our year 9 pupils.

On Tuesday 18th October Year 9 and 10 pupils had the privilege to see Onatti Theatre in the Assembly Hall. This hilarious play is about a teenage girl Colette who has just started to work in a café and the boss leaves. She goes through a lot in the first day, not what she was expecting!

The play is called, “Le Café” and is brilliant and the actors are just fabulous! The play started off in a café in France. The girl Collette is late and the boss is annoyed. Then, just to make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend comes in to start arguing. Eventually everything gets better with quite a lot of drama and funny characters! There was quite a lot of audience participation and I was up on stage which was very exciting. Even though the actors were not speaking in English, you could pick up the story very well!

I really enjoyed the play and I would just like to say a word of thanks to Miss Dundas, Onatti Theatre and everyone who helped out to make it possible!

Au Revoir

By Luke 9L


The French play was good because even if you couldn’t completely understand it, you could see what the characters were doing so you could get a rough idea about what they were saying in it. It was funny that there were lots of people going into the café and then leaving and then someone else coming in. I also noticed that there were only two people doing the play and the boy got changed into different costumes lots of times. They also got people from Year 9 up on to the stage. Luke from 9L was asked to come up. The actors were always talking in French and one of the people was her friend and he brought in a pet. When she saw the pet and went over to look at it, the pet bit her on the finger. This was really funny. There was also music which played in French. I thought that it was hilarious when a person brought in a dummy and it fell over and she made a weird face at us. When the school bell went she screamed.

Paige 9L