Paris Trip 17th – 20th June 2014

The Paris trip was amazing. We did lots of different things throughout the time we were there.

There were 25 pupils and 3 teachers. We were split up into 3 groups.

When we were in Paris we did loads of different things. We learnt new French words; we ate frog legs and snails. One of the activities I enjoyed was a French bowling game.

Some of the places we went to visit where the Eiffel Tower, we were not able to go on it because it took a very long time to wait in the queue. We were able to go on the highest skyscraper in Europe,it had 59 floors. We went to the Musee de l Armee, Napoleons tomb, a boat trip and the Arc de Triomphe. My favourite place that we visited was Disney Land Paris, where I went on the Tower of Terror and the Rocking Roller-Coaster and there where many more.

I really enjoyed Paris and I liked Campus, which was were we stayed. All of the places we went to where amazing.  I liked speaking in French and found it really interesting to learn new words.

By Erin Lutton