Paris Trip 2015

On Tuesday 16th June 2015, a group of 42 pupils and 5 staff from Ballyclare Secondary School set off to Paris in France.

On the day we arrived in France, we travelled by coach to the Golf D’ozoir-la-Ferriere, to our hotel. When we got into the hotel Miss Dundas introduced us to Malikic our French guide. He then gave us twenty minutes to unpack. My room was pretty nice and cosy and I shared with Dylan, Josh and Alan.

The atmosphere in the dinner hall was really good and after dinner we played games before heading to bed at 10pm. The next day we got up at 6.30am and headed down for breakfast at 7.30am. We then got a coach to central Paris to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was so grand and beautiful and an amazing experience. We then took a boat ride that was very interesting, but it was very, very hot.

The third day was spent in Disneyland Paris and it was raining, although that didn’t stop us from going on the thrill seeking rides. This was personally my favourite day of the whole trip.

The final day was spent visiting the le Sacré Coeur and again it was an amazing experience and a very beautiful church.

Overall, I completely loved the trip and the teachers were amazing. I definitely recommend it!

Ryan (Year 10)


We met at Belfast city airport bright and early, all packed, full of excitement and ready to go. Little did we know that we would be coming home wanting to go straight to bed because of all the action-packed activities the hostel had in store.

We arrived in France around 5pm and we were already knackered after the flight and the early start but we continued on the bus and after a long bus journey we were there. Once we got inside we were given our keys, we were told the rules and then were allowed to go upstairs to unpack, change and freshen up. We were then let out to play some fun team games and after all that adrenaline it was back to the hostel for food… but there were consequences; what is the point of going to France and not learning any French? So we learnt all our cutlery vocabulary and eventually once we all remembered it, we got munching. After a well-deserved tea we played games in the park and football at the centre and went to bed to prepare ourselves for the long day ahead.

We woke up to the sound of teachers knocking on our doors to get up and get dressed for breakfast, which resulted in the French essential breakfast foods; we had delicious croissants or pains au chocolat and bowls?! of chocolat chaud. There was also cereal, bread and fruit. Then we had to get our bag and our lunch and head for the bus which took us straight to Paris… Hooray! We saw some absolutely amazing sites, the Eiffel Tower, le musée d’Orsay, la cathédrale Notre Dame, we went on a boat ride to eat our packed lunch. We were roasting because of the heat and our teachers and Malik (our leader) very kindly squeezed in an ice-cream and drink stop. Then after a fun-filled day it was on the bus and back to freshened up and refresh our minds on the vocabulary we learnt on the previous night. Then it was dinner time, which was really good. We played team-building games and brainteasers and the girls beat the boys each time!

The next day some of us didn’t even have to get woken up as we were raring to go to Disneyland, which I thought we had been waiting long enough for! We had our tasty breakfast, got our bags and packed lunches and went on the short bus ride to Disneyland. When we got there everyone was screaming with excitement… we were actually in Disneyland…WhooHoo. We split up in our groups and went on nearly every single ride. We then met up for lunch and were let lose (with our teachers, obviously!) to go on some more rides, buy food or souvenirs. Eventually it was time to go home. We were gutted and wanted to stay, but the fun had to end at some point. Well that’s what we thought, however, as it was our last night we had one more vocabulary refresh and our last dinner with SNAILS!!! Then it was time to PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY… well until bed time. We had lots of fun, made some new dance moves and made the most of our last night in France. Ryan and Zara had a dance off and after hard dancing and tricky dance moves it was finally decided it was a draw. When the party was over it was straight to bed for all of us.

The following morning was our last day. We dragged ourselves out of bed and got to tidying our rooms and got out in time for our bedroom check, where we sang ‘Joyeux Anniversaire’ to Jessica. Once we got the all clear we went on the bus for some shopping in Paris. We bought lots of souvenirs and then to top it off we went to visit the le Sacré Coeur and bought souvenirs and crêpes in the Montmartre area. Eventually we went on the bus for one last time to take us to the airport, were we waited exhausted, ready to board the plane and go home.

When we got home there were lots of hugs for our parents and we all went our separate ways to have a weekend’s rest before the last full week of school.

Zara (Year 9)

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