Peer Mentors for 2014/15

We would like to congratulate this year’s Peer Mentors and look forward to working with them this academic year.

At Ballyclare Secondary School we recognise that there are times when it may be easier for young people to talk to someone their own age about difficulties or problems they are experiencing. This has given rise to the Peer Mentor Programme. Selected Year 14 pupils have taken part in training sessions after school to develop their skills in helping other students.

Young people can benefit from the opportunity to talk to a suitably trained peer during times of change and stress. Pastoral Staff can identify pupils who would benefit from the scheme and match them up with one of these senior pupils. This type of mentoring relationship is beneficial to the students as:

  • They speak the same language as each other.
  • Have common experiences.
  • Peer mentors have high levels of empathy with their mentee.
  • They share common issues, hopes and fears.

Peer Mentors 2014/15DSC_0104

Ashlea Montgomery 14H
Kerry McClenaghan 14H
Olivia McCambridge 14H
Nicola Crowe 14P
Amy Coulter 14P
Robert Ellison 14P
Lesley – Anna Tosh 14B
Hannah Sloan 14B
Hannah Shields 14B
Beth Norwood 14B
Amber McClean 14B
Caroline Craig 14P
Rachel Armstrong 14W
Ruth Crawford 14P



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