Safety Bus Visits Ballyclare Secondary

On Friday 11th of November Translink made a visit to our school with their ‘Child Safety Bus’. 

All Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to visit and see around the bus. Using a range of videos, education packs, props and a down to earth enthusiasm, the safety officers brought issues such as vandalism and its effects to life. Pupils were told what behaviour was acceptable and not acceptable while travelling on the bus. Footage from hidden CCTV cameras was played showing how bad behaviour can lead to injuries. Pupils were also given advice on how to be safe when waiting for a bus on dark winter mornings.

“I really enjoyed the safety bus and learned how to stand safely at a bus stop on dark mornings” David Gamble 8D

“I enjoyed the hidden cameras. I didn’t realise there were so many hidden security cameras on the bus” Kianna Dowey 8D

“I had a great experience on the safety bus and I now understand how dangerous it can be to misbehave on the bus” Stacey McAuley 8D

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