Securus Software

We take your child’s safety on the internet very seriously.  To this end, we are writing to you to bring you up to date with a new software system that we have installed.

Securus Education is a software system which helps us to ensure that our computer network is being used safely.  It is used by over 3,200 schools in the UK and many more internationally.

Securus also acts as an educational tool, helping children to recognise unsafe situations and encouraging them to use new technologies responsibly.

Securus alerts staff to any words on our network that would lead us to believe that our very high standards of safeguarding, reflected in our Acceptable Use Policy, might be being jeopardised.  Securus is effective both online and offline across all programmes used by the school.  Incidents flagged by Securus would include any evidence of bullying, inappropriate language, indicator of emotional distress, searches for harmful websites and so on.

A screen ‘capture’ is taken of every incident, showing what was displayed at the time, who was involved and when the incident took place.  These captures enable staff to respond to potentially serious or disruptive situations with confidence.

The immediacy of this system can help prevent issues from spiralling into something more serious.

We are conscious the world online can be a very dangerous place so we want to assure you that we have given serious thought to making sure your child’s online experiences are safe.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued co-operation in this very important area.

Securus is a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation.

Mr A Nicholl

Head of Pastoral Care and Pupil Welfare

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