Ski Trip 2018

On Saturday 27th January 2018, Ballyclare Secondary school teachers Mr Blain, Mr Beggs and Mrs Beattie and pupils from years 9, 10 and 11 all woke up very early in the morning to set off on an exciting trip to Folgaria in Italy to go skiing!We all arrived at Belfast International airport at 4:00 a.m. with our comfy grey ski hoodies on and heavy suitcases packed with lots of warm clothing. After we waved goodbye to our teary eyed parents, it wasn’t long until we were sitting on the plane ready for take-off.

Up, up and away high in the sky. It was a smooth, peaceful flight and although most people were tired we couldn’t wait to get to the slopes.

After the 2 hour flight we landed in the city of Milan. After getting checked out of the busy airport there was a coach outside waiting for us to take us to our hotel ‘The Four Seasons’.

To get to the hotel we had to go up a steep, scary, mountain which had some breath-taking views. We arrived at our hotel at around 12:00p.m. and got our electronic key cards to unlock our doors to the room we we’re staying in. The teachers showed us around the town which was right outside our hotel. The town was really nice and at night it lit up with lots of dazzling lights. Later on in the night we got a bus up to the ski slopes where we got our ski boots fitted, they were hard to get on at the start but after the first day they went on with easy.

Sunday 28th January 2018:

It was a very exciting morning for everyone because we were about to go for our first day of skiing. Breakfast was always good because they had delicious chocolate croissants, yogurts, cereal and fruit. Up at the ski resort we were put into groups and given a ski instructor. My ski instructor was called Frederico (Freddie), he was so nice and really funny. Freddie took us onto the nursery slopes and taught us how to snow plough and keep our balance. Apart from a few falls everyone was having such a great time. We were on the nursery slopes from 10 to 12 o’clock and then we went for lunch at a restaurant beside the slope. After lunch we went back out to the nursery slopes and went higher up the drag lift and got to go a bit faster. That night the teachers had organised a really fun town trail for us where we got a sheet with 20 questions and we had to go around the town in a group and try and find the answers.

Monday 29th January 2018

We went back up to the slopes and for the first two hours of skiing Freddie told our group we would be going up the ski lifts up to the top after lunch because of how much progress we had made. Some of us were a bit nervous to go up because of how high it was. We skied up to the barrier waiting patiently for it to open. As is opened we quickly went through and the chair lift picked us up from behind. At the top the views were stunning, you could see miles of high mountains and trees. Freddie took us down a long trail which took us down to the bottom. After dinner, we had a quiz about Flags, places and sports.

Tuesday 30th January 2018:

At the ski resort we went straight to the ski lift and up onto the mountain but went a different route, we went down blue slopes which were good fun and not too difficult. When in line behind of the ski instructor Freddie he would always start singing a song and we would join in as we were speeding down the slopes. At the front of our hotel was a big building which had an ice rink in it and so out of our fund raising money we all went Ice skating! It was great fun and we skated for about an hour.

Wednesday 31st January:

Up on the mountain we did a trail that we had been able to see from the nursery slopes on the day we arrived and we were all excited to get the opportunity to go down it. We went down a slope under a bridge and up onto another ski lift to take us up to the ski park which was lots of different kinds of jumps. We went down the small speedy bumps which if you went really fast you lift up into the air! Everyone in our group loved the jumps so much that most days we went up there. Coming back down to where the ski lift was up to the ski park was, it was steep a few people were falling but after going down it plenty of times it wasn’t that bad. After we got back from skiing we went around the town and a few people bought gifts from the souvenir shops and went to the supermarket. There also was an ice cream shop that did really delicious ice creams with waffle cones or ice cream between two biscuits and milk chocolate on the side. Later on after dinner we all met down in the lounge room to do the talent show, we had a few musical groups and dancing groups. Mr Beggs was the host and Mr Blain and Mrs Beattie were the judges (Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden). The talent show was so fun and everyone had such a great time but the winners were the girls signing group and Jamie Kerr playing the drum. The teachers then put on music and everyone had so much fun up dancing.


Thursday 1st February 2018

We woke up looking out our windows because it had snowed on Wednesday night. When we got up to the ski resort the snow was a lot thicker up at the top, so it was a bit slower when we were skiing. Every now and again Freddie had to stop and get us to take our skis of and wipe away all the thick snow of them. The snow looking over the mountains was beautiful and made some great photos. After going down a red slope we needed to get back to the top so we went to a lift which was like a tunnel and you had to slide onto it and just stand and it moved you up hill. Thursday night was one of my favourites as we were going to a disco under Johns Cafe. There was a few other schools there from Northern Ireland and another school from Italy, the DJ had really good music on and everyone was dancing and singing.

Friday 2nd February 2018

At breakfast there was a lot of tired faces from the disco, but everyone was taking about how good it was. It was our last day of skiing and everyone was sad because we didn’t want to leave. For the first hour we did a competition against our ski group and the other teams, we got tops with a number and a colour. At the top of the nursery slope there was poles which we had to race in and out of and the aim was to try and get the fastest time. We were allowed a practice and then it was time to do the real race. At the top we went in the order of our number and colour and we had to stand behind a small barrier and when the ski instructor said go you had to push it open. After lunch we went on a trail and Freddie sometimes took us of the track and around some trees were there would be a few bumps. It was really funny because there was so much snow on one of the routes that we couldn’t see our skis under the snow and we all fell over! That night all our ski instructors came to the hotel and handed out our awards and certificates. We also had a presentation to give out awards and prizes for the talent show, quiz and town trail and also a few other awards. Before we all went to sleep we had to pack the final things in our suitcases because we were leaving early at 4:00am to go the airport.

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Early in the morning we all got up and had our breakfast. Shortly after the bus came and drove us to the airport, most people slept on the bus because of how tired everyone was. At the airport after we had got checked in everyone was so excited because we had saw a McDonald’s and it wasn’t long till we were at it ordering our 20 chicken nuggets and burgers even though it was about 8am in the morning! Soon our flight to Belfast international was called. On the plane back home the flight was really good and it wasn’t long until we had landed. We got our bags and wheeled them out were we saw our parents who gave up great big hugs when they saw us.

Everyone really loved the ski trip and I would definitely go back again, it’s was a great experience and one I will never forget!

Keri McCullen 10G