SPFX Workshop

On Thursday 13th March, Mrs McKay and 5 Year 14 Media Studies students made their way to Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast to attend a Cinemagic led workshop on how to create Special FX make-up.

The artists holding the workshop had previously worked on projects such as ‘Dracula’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Fall’ so the experience was invaluable. It was all a little gruesome but great fun and valuable skills developed for film making.

DSC_0164 (Large) DSC_0077 (Large) DSC_0157 (Large)DSC_0159 (Large) DSC_0155 (Large) DSC_0153 (Large) DSC_0147 (Large) DSC_0146 (Large) DSC_0144 (Large) DSC_0141 (Large) DSC_0142 (Large) DSC_0123 (Large) DSC_0128 (Large) DSC_0130 (Large) DSC_0121 (Large) DSC_0116 (Large) DSC_0112 (Large) DSC_0107 (Large) DSC_0105 (Large) DSC_0100 (Large) DSC_0102 (Large) DSC_0098 (Large) DSC_0095 (Large) DSC_0093 (Large) DSC_0089 (Large) DSC_0085 (Large) DSC_0086 (Large) DSC_0087 (Large) DSC_0088 (Large) DSC_0080 (Large) DSC_0081 (Large) DSC_0106 (Large) DSC_0078 (Large)