Sports Awards Dinner

Our second annual ‘Sports Dinner’ highlights the sporting achievements of our young people.  This is not only through teams but also individual performance and took place in school on Thursday 30th April 2015.  

The sporting ethos of the PE Department within Ballyclare Secondary School is if you believe you can achieve and certainly through the amount of nominations and awards on show tonight this is very evident.  The various sports that our pupils participate in don’t build character they reveal it.

The whole ethos of Ballyclare Secondary School is preparation for life through academic and extra-curricular activities.  Pupils have excelled this year on the sporting field due to their desire to win, and become champions because they also had the desire to prepare.  The key for many of the teams this year was to use their strengths and hide their weaknesses through excellent organisation, determination and commitment to not only their team but their school.

Girls Award Winners


Year Group Player of the Year Most Improved Top Goal Scorer
8 Jenny Anderson Sarah Graham Alannah Bell
9 Rebecca Walker & Olivia Fletcher Ellie Radcliff Hannah Kirkpatrick
10 Megan Crone Robyn McConnell Megan Crone
12 Amy Baxter & Emma Gamble Toni Smallwood Ellie Cooke


Year Group Player of the Year Most Improved Top Shooter
8 Lauren Hawe Rachel McLaren Alex Wylie
9 Hannah Kirkpatrick Hannah Wilson Rebecca Walker

Show Jumping

Show Jumper of the Year Most Improved Show Jumper
Robyn McConnell Hannah McCartney


Dancer of the Year Most Improved Dancer Most Committed Dancer
Hollie Elliot Rachel Houston Erin O’Neill

Boys Award Winners


Year Group Player of the Year Most Improved Top Try Scorer
8 Adam Warren Adam Warren
9 Ross Warren Jim McKernon Jack Milton
11 Adan Elliot & Johnston Kirkpatrick Joshua West Johnston Kirkpatrick
12 Paul McGookin Luke Ferguson Paul McGookin & Adam Gibson


Year Group Player of the Year Most Improved Top Goal Scorer
8 Aidan McGarvey Jamie Bell Adam Warren
9 Max McAuley Brown Daniel livingston Jack moore
10 Scott Haggan Dylan McMordie Ethan McKeown
11 Joshua Kerr Jake Semple Philip Maybin

 Sports Person of the Year

Category Female Male
Junior Sports Person Hannah Kirkpatrick Kofi Balmer
Senior Sports Person Nikita Graham Conor Cambridge & Aaron Hall

Special Recognition Awards

Ballyclare Secondary has a number of pupils who have achieved success outside of school setting.  I believe it’s important that their success is recognised because:

  • They are willing to push harder than anyone else and willing to go through more pain than anyone else.
  • They are truly dedicated; they all work hard and have love for their sport.
  • They realise that setting a goal is not the main thing, its deciding how they go about achieving it and sticking to that plan even when times get tough.
  • And finally they acknowledge that they are role models, and there is always a young boy or girl in the stand who looks up to them and wants to be just like them.


Pupil Achievement
Megan Crone, Amy Baxter and Hazel Nicholson Part of the Ulster U15 Talent Development Programme which is directed and managed, by the High Performance Manager (HPM) of Ulster Hockey.
Ellie Cooke Represented North Eastern Regional Development Squad in the area tournament.
Nikita Graham, Kirsty Stevenson and Hannah Kirkpatrick Represented North Eastern Regional Development Squad in the area tournament.
Rachel McLaren Is part of the Irish Football Associations County Antrim Excellence programme.
Caitlin McKeown Participates in Irish dancing and is 3rd in Ulster, 4th in Ireland and 15th in the world.
Rebecca Walker Currently ranked 8th in Northern Ireland in Irish dancing, Represents Northern Ireland in athletics in the relay and was also part of the North Eastern Regional Development Hockey Squad.
Sophie Adrain Competes nationally in show jumping.


Pupil Achievement
Aaron Hall and Conor Cambridge Represented  Ulster Club’s U18’s at the Inter Pros.
Jordan Birnie Represented Ulster Clubs U16’s.
Matthew Coulter & Paul McGookin Represented Ulster Clubs U17’s.
Jordan Malone Represented Co. Antrim at the Milk Cup.
Alex McMullan Represented Northern Ireland and the UK in trampolining.
Cameron Burns Competed for Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games in wrestling.
Ethan McAuley Northern Ireland Archery Champion and 5th in GB.
Jack Adamson Represents Northern Ireland at Taekwondo.
Kofi Balmer, Isaiah Close, Jack Moore and Jamie Bell Represented the East Antrim District team in the Northern Ireland District Cup.

 Coaching Awards

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of two Year 12 pupils, David Baxter and John Alcorn.  These two guys have helped out with hockey at various levels throughout the year.  They have provided invaluable advice to many of the teams and have been role models and the number one point of support to those girls who undertook the coaching role as part of their GCSE.  Your support is invaluable and you two are an absolute credit to Ballyclare Secondary.  It is at this stage I would like to invite David Baxter and John Alcorn up on stage to accept their awards.


Whatever you aspire to do, there will always be people who tell you, you can’t do it, you’re not good enough and it will never happen.  What I have learnt is that some of them are right but most of they are wrong and they need to sit down and be quiet.  If you have dreams aspire to achieve them because you all have the required ingredients to do so.

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