STEM Module – Technology and Design

On Thursday 29th September 2016, the Technology & Design Department hosted a visit from the STEM Module.  The main aim of this STEM event was to give all of our Year 11 GCSE Technology & Design students the opportunity to design and manufacture a product using Computer Numeric Control/Computed Aided Manufacturing.  The event was organised by Mr W McKeown who is the main STEM co-ordinator. The day consisted of three sessions with around 20 pupils per session visiting the module.  Our Year 11 pupils first gained an insight into the importance of computer- aided design and computer – aided manufacturing,  before using specialist design software on laptop computers to design a plaque incorporating an individual logo.  On completion this data was transferred into the CNC MicroRouter.  A billet of material was inserted and clamped onto the bed of the machine and the pupils initiated the start process.  Two features all pupils commented on, was the precision and speed at which the machine could process and cut out their plaque.

All of our Year 11 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit and participated fully in the question and answer session/design and manufacturing elements.  After completion the pupils returned to the Technology & Design Department to complete their plaques with teak oil to enhance its appearance and finish.   A big thank you to the STEM team members and Technology staff for making it such a successful day.