Success at Ballyclare Music Festival

Over 40 soloists and 6 ensembles took part in Ballyclare Music Festival. An array of silverware was brought back to the school and a special assembly was held to recognise the achievements of the music students.

Three first places, 6 second places and 6 third places were awarded in the various solo classes while the schools Brass Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Wind Band, String Ensemble and Orchestra swept the boards winning cups in all their categories. Daniel Kerr, one of our Year 13 students, won the Performance of the Festival.

Mr Jonathan Rea, the adjudicator, was particularly helpful in his comments and pupils will take on board the suggestions he has made to help improve their performances even more.

We would like to thank the festival committee for organising the festival, giving pupils the opportunity to perform outside school and in our own community. We look forward to next year’s festival.

Overview of results

Brass Solo 12-15
Natalie Mateer     1st Place
David Bell             2nd Place
Emily Campbell   3rd Place

Woodwind Solo 12-15
John Watson     Joint 2nd Place
Sophie Coiley    Joint 2nd Place
Sarah Halligan  Joint 3rd Place
Olivia Smith      Joint 3rd Place

Woodwind Solo 16-18
Aimee Gilmour  3rd Place

Vocal Solo 12-15
Lauren McKinty  1st Place
Vocal Solo 16-18
Daniel Kerr       2nd Place

Song from a show
Daniel Kerr      1st Place
Lauren Fittis   2nd Place

Piano Solo 12-15
Emily Campbell   2nd Place

String Solo 12-15
Louise Moore             3rd Place
Zara-Jayne Strange  3rd Place

Woodwind Ensemble  1st Place
Wind Band                    1st Place
String Ensemble           1st Place
Brass Ensemble            1st Place
Orchestra                       1st Place

Winner of the Overall Performance of the Festival was Daniel Kerr.