The Seamus Heaney Home Place

On Tuesday 6th March, year 13 English students visited The Seamus Heaney Home Place to see the exhibition and to attend a lecture and a seminar given by a professor from the University Of Ulster.

It was a very valuable visit which helped provide us with more biographical information on Heaney so as to better help us appreciate his poems as he is one of two poets we are studying for our AS English Literature.

The Exhibition was very interactive: we had listening wands so as to hear Heaney read his poems at various parts of the exhibition, there were videos to watch and exhibits to explore, like actually sitting in Heaney’s school desk from his days at Annahorish Primary! It was such a bonus to have a guide, Mary, who grew up with Heaney at Mossbawn. She had lots of engaging little anecdotes that will help us with our biographical context. We particularly enjoyed exploring a recreation of Heaney’s study and looking at his 8 drafts of The Harvest Bow before it became the final version. The creative area was also a big hit: dressing up, colouring in, writing poems and creating book marks appealed to our creative sides.

The lecture was very informative as the professor gave us interesting ideas on how to compare our two poets: Frost and Heaney, using several poems as examples. After lunch, we attended a seminar where we had to discuss ideas on two of the set poems.

Finally, we visited Heaney’s grave on our journey home.

Overall, this was a very worthwhile experience that helped us better understand where Heaney’s poems are coming from, making it easier to visualise the poems.



100% TripAdvisor recommended!