Top Investor in Careers National Quality Award

This school is the second school in Northern Ireland to receive this prestigious award. Investor in Careers (CSW group) is a Licensed Awarding Body for the National Quality in Careers Standard. This award is recognised by Ofsted as demonstrating that schools are delivering the highest quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

Principal Mrs Kathryn Bell has said “This award has demonstrated the commitment and professionalism embedded within our school. Through our career programme we ensure our pupils receive effective, independent and impartial career guidance and this award helped us to ensure that high standards remain. Careers is taught throughout the school from Year 8 to Year 14. This helps our pupils to make informed decisions at key transition times in their educational journey. For example GCSE options, post 16 and post 18 choices. We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunities to experience, work placements, interview skills, 1-1 interviews with a careers adviser from the DfE, study skills, STEM events, career conventions and extra-curricular activities. This develops their confidence, self-esteem and employability skills for the world of work. Pupils are guided through their career choices, assessing their exam results and what qualifications are required for University, Further Education, Apprenticeships, Employment and Training. We are all absolutely delighted to have achieved this National Quality Award.”

Ballyclare Secondary School will continue to develop our career programme in line with the Investor in Careers  (CSW). They use a logical structure– Commitment, Organisation, Delivery and Evaluation. We want to maintain and further develop the excellent links with our local business partners, community, Universities, FE colleges and map all these activities to employability skills, to meet the needs of all our pupils.

“I have no hesitation in recommending this National Quality Award Standard, delivered through Investor in Careers. It ensures we are supporting our pupils with the best Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, possible.”  Mrs Valerie Beattie Senior Teacher CEIAG.

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