UCAS Information Evening-Thursday 8th October 2015

On Thursday, October 18th Ballyclare Secondary School invited Year 14 pupils to attend a UCAS Information evening. The aim of this event is to inform the pupils, parents/carers of the UCAS process and the requirements for University Life.


  • To ensure pupils are aware of the different university and college options.
  • To develop a structured approach to the decision making process for the success of UCAS applications.
  • Ensure pupils, parents/carers are made aware of the importance of researching the internet to get additional information, advice and guidance on Higher education provision.

Important points covered:

  • What is UCAS? (Pupil Fact sheets and Parent information booklet)
  • Things to Do?
  • Personal Statement
  • Other things to think about? (Tests, auditions etc.)
  • Making choices
  • The Process
  • Types of Offers
  • Student Finance (Booklet: Student Finance N.I.)
  • UCAS Parent Guide
  • CAO