Welcome Europe Course

Our 6th Form Travel and Tourism students took part in The Welcome Europe Course which ran from 7th November 2014 until 16th January 2015.

“As part of my first year to ‘A’ Level Travel and Tourism my three other classmates and I were given the opportunity to take part in a French course by the company ‘Welcome Europe’.

This was run for eight weeks by two French teachers whose names were Madame McCord and Stéfanie. The course began on the 7th November 2014 and ran for 8 weeks until the 16th January 2015 which was the date we had our spoken exam. As I said the duration of the course was for eight weeks and in this time we covered a whole range of things from the basics in having a light conversation to being able to ask to speak to the manager, asking what time dinner is served at and asking for directions to a specific place within the area.

During each class, which was held every week on a Friday, we were split into groups of two and were able to practise with one of the teachers and during this we learnt new words and phrases along with taking part in activities that may help us remember the French.

On the 16th January 2015 we had our spoken exam where we were given a scenario in English and had to have a conversation with Madame McCord in French. We were then told how each conversation was to be marked out of eight and I got eight out of eight, which I was very pleased with.

I really enjoyed this ‘Welcome Europe’ course and I think that it was extremely helpful for us to experience what it would be like for us as tourists in another country and I would highly recommend that other schools should maybe try this as part of their Travel and Tourism ‘A’ Level. It was also a good way to relax while in the middle of a lot of school work and it was enjoyable to take part in.” Rachel Kerr Year 13


“The Welcome Europe Course is a course that we as a class undertook for one 35 minute period a week, to learn French to enable us to be able to welcome French tourists into Northern Ireland effectively and also accurately. This means that I took extra time to perfect my customer service needs to be able to meet the needs of the tourists.

The class was run by Madame McCord and Stéfanie who both work in the French department in Ballyclare Secondary School. This allowed us to be able to meet and greet French tourists and also for us to be able to perfect our French accents and work on how clearly we can say the sentence or phrase.

Things we were taught include “Bienvenue à Belfast” meaning “Welcome to Belfast” as well as learning how to give directions and count in French – dix, vingt, trente etc.

The course was a course that was very enjoyable and a course that I would recommend that is made use of again. This has provided me with customer service skills that will mean that we have customer service skills that are meeting the needs of all of the visitors that include English and French tourists.

We were tested at the end of the eight weeks of learning that began on the 7th November 2014 and was scored out of 8 marks. I was able to score full marks, proving that my customer service skills in French are excellent.” Aaron Gray Year 13