Year 12 Work Experience 28th September- 2nd October 2015

Work Experience has an important contribution to make to the education of all our pupils in order for them to make an effective transition from school to adult working life. Year 12 participated in this programme from 28th September to 2nd of October 2015. Work Experience has many benefits not only for the pupils but also the school and local industries and businesses.

Advantages of Work Experience for Pupils

  • improves pupil’s self-knowledge
  • increases pupil’s employability skills
  • increases pupil’s motivation to learn
  • gives relevance to the work pupil does in school
  • encourages pupil to consider the wide range of jobs available
  • gives pupil an insight into the workings of business and industry
  • highlights the skills, qualifications and experience needed by employers

Advantages for School

  • brings the curriculum to life
  • develops closer links with business and industry
  • allows staff to gain an insight into the world of business and industry
  • provides opportunities for teachers to develop new skills

Advantages for Employers

  • highlights the essential employability skills needed for future employment, employers gain an insight into developments in education and can relate education to the work environment


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