Year 12 Work Experience Week

Year 12 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a week of work experience in their chosen field.   Four pupils share their experiences of employment.  

Rebekah Horner 12CDSC_0014

I carried out my work experience in Ballyclare Primary School as a P.1 classroom assistant.   I had normal classroom assistant tasks such as, preparing materials for the pupils and helping them when they didn’t know what to do.   I also had the task of looking after one particular pupil. I had to sit with him and help him concentrate during the class and keep him on task. I enjoyed the experience of working with children, watching them learn and using their imagination. It was great to see them playing and having fun at school. My most memorable moment was when I was sitting with a group of pupils helping them make patterns with beads and one child made me a necklace and asked if I could stay forever and I only wish I could have said yes. It was definitely worthwhile experience.   I was made to feel very welcome in Ballyclare Primary School and I would love to pursue this career in the future.



Ruben McCartney 12C

I carried out my work experience in Ballyclare Primary School. I spend most of my time with a P.1 class but I also spent some time helping a P.4 class with their art projects. My main duties included helping the P.1 class with their spellings and working with a particular pupil on a one to one basis with task he was asked to complete. I really enjoyed being with the pupils and having fun with them but also knowing that I helped them settle into school during their first few months. My most memorable moment was on my first day when a pupil came up to me during play time and asked me to help them with their jigsaw puzzle and to read them a story. This made me feel that the pupils felt they could trust me and were comfortable with me. I would most definitely consider this as a future career and I loved every moment of it.DSC_0020

Daniel Kerr 12C


I went to The Crescent Arts Centre where I was asked to organise events, book tickets for customers and complete marketing activities for the show that was coming up. They also gave me the opportunity to work in dance classes with young children and also to work backstage setting up the lights and sound for the show.

I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning the skills for a career in the Arts. The world of work was also new and exciting and I actually enjoyed the change of routine.

The most notable part was helping the young children with dancing and acting in their classes.



Annie Connolly 12C


I went to Larne Environmental Health Office in the Borough Council and was asked to go to hotels and cafes and complete kitchen inspections and food sampling. I took food temperatures, checked that equipment was clean and properly stored away and I also had to check recording sheets for each month that showed the temperature of the food when it was cooked and also fridge temperatures. The stock rotation of food also had to be checked to make sure that it was kept updated and to make sure that food was stored properly to stop food poisoning and bacteria spreading. I also had to deal with complaints about noise and make sure that owners had a proper licence for their dog.

Having seen all of the different roles of an Environmental Officer, I enjoyed going into the kitchens best and doing the inspections that the Health Officers have to fill out. This includes 16 pages of paper work according to their findings. It was interesting to see how much detail must be included in their inspections.

Even though I was only there for a week, I learnt that every day is different and you are never dealing with the same complaints. It would be a very enjoyable job.

My most memorable moment was going to a house of a man who had lived in the house for ten years but had not looked after it at all. The front door was snapped in half and the grass in the back garden was so overgrown that you couldn’t see in and there was an old rusty car in the garden as well. There was rubbish everywhere and the ivy growing on the walls covered all of the windows.