Year 8 Intake September 2014

Read the experiences of some of our Year 8’s on their first week at school.

My First Week at Ballyclare Secondary

On my first week at Ballyclare, I was really nervous.   I was nervous about what the teachers would be like and if the people in my class were going to be kind. When I first arrived we all went into the hall and there were a lot of year 8’s. I was starting to think ‘O no’ but then Mrs Bell started to talk and said that there was nothing to worry about and that settled my nerves and she was right. When I got to my classroom everyone in my class was very kind and helpful and so were all the teachers.

Caitlin Getty 8 O

My First Week at Ballyclare Secondary

My first week at Ballyclare Secondary was great. I got to know my class mates very well. It was easier than I thought particularly when it was only year 8’s in school, but I have now got use to everyone being back. The teachers are friendly and so are the students. On my first week I settled in very slowly but I got there. It was exciting moving to new classrooms all the time. Every subject is fun and I love it. Ballyclare Secondary is great.

Anya Coyle 8 O