Remote Learning Year 10 Modern Languages

All work to be completed by year 10 pupils can be found below.

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Week 1

Please open the overview document and follow the instructions before starting the tasks. This make sure you have active accounts and log in for any online resources which my be used in the weekly tasks.

Year 10 overview document:

Lesson 1 Places in the town

Week 2

At the beginning of last week the overview link was not working correctly. If you were unable to access it last week please try again this week. This will give you instructions on how to set up an account for online self-quizzing of key vocabulary.

Lesson 2 Asking the way – notes

Lesson 2 Asking the way – tasks

Lesson 2 Answers – Asking the way

Week 3

Lesson 3 – Directions vocab

Lesson 3 – LES DIRECTIONS – part 1

Lesson 3 – Answers

Week 4

Lesson 4 – Directions – 2

Lesson 4 – Les Directions_part_2_answers

Week 5

Week 5 -Revision and Test- Directions

Week 5 – Answers

Week 6

Week 6 – Directions + prepositions

Preposition listening

Week 6 – Answers

Week 7

Week 7 – Tourism

Week 7 – Answers

Week 8

Week 8 – Tourism

Week 8 – Answers

Week 9

Week 9- Part One My house

Week 9- Part Two My house

Week 9 – Answers

Week 10 and Week 11

Are you ready for a challenge? Over the next two weeks we challenge you to learn a little more about the French language and culture of France and/or other French speaking countries. We suggest taking week 10 to do your research and taking week 11 to present your findings.

Click on this task document to see the challenges > Task document.

Use this template to help you present your findings or get creative produce your own poster > Write up template.

Week 12

Click for Week 12

Once you have completed all the work from over the past 12 weeks, you can download and print yourself this certificate. We are all so proud of your efforts!